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Our suite of e-payment products feature industry leading platforms that provide customers with unmatched speed, secure transmission and efficient support systems. 


  • Online real-time payments
  • Safe and secure fund transfers
  • Organized expense processing
  • Convenience
  • Cost savings
  • Instant notifications by SMS and e-mail
  • Reporting and reconciliation
  • Multi-bank instant credits

Our e-payment products include:

Union Instant Payment (UIP)

Union Instant Payment (UIP) is an account-number-based, online real-time inter-bank fund transfer product. It is also available for fund transfer requests to walk-in customers. UIP transaction processing is seamless with no incidence of returns as account numbers and balances are confirmed. It also hosts a robust dispute management system for efficient customer support.

Union Corporate Pay

Union Corporate Pay is an internet based e-payment and fund transfer platform that enables organizations make payments to various individuals with accounts in other banks.


  • Available at UBN branches and corporate premises
  • Effective for payments of salaries, vendors and suppliers
  • All payments are processed on a highly secure gateway
  • Impacts on beneficiary accounts online in real-time
  • No limits on transaction counts that can be processed at a time

Private and public corporations willing to process payments may apply to ebusinesssupport@ unionbankng.com or call 012716800 ext. 2868, 2600, or 2906 


UnionGalaxy is a multi-purpose e-payment and e-collection product that gives customers the ability to make payments and collections on a single platform. UnionGalaxy is an electronic courier service that rides on secure electronic highways to deliver funds to bank accounts and associated schedules to relevant bodies. It is a seamless way to transfer funds/make multiple payments at the customer’s convenience without the need for phone calls or visiting the bank premises. The user friendly application is multi-bank faceted, and this enables you as a customer view your account balances in other banks and also initiate payments from those accounts. The secure system offers both Switch and RTGS payment options and also generates e-mail and SMS alerts following payments made to beneficiary accounts across banks with a comprehensive report and audit trails for a period of 10 years.

To enjoy the numerous benefits of UBN e-payments please apply to ebusinesssupport@ unionbankng.com or call 012716800 ext. 2868, 2600, or 2906 

E- Collection channels:  Union Bank of Nigeria Plc's strength in electronic collections stems from its suite of robust applications, wide network of branches, and business locations that facilitate private and public sector collections.

Our collection services include:

  • Government taxes and levies
  • Merchant remittances
  • Distributorship management
  • E-commerce integration
  • Association membership registration and subscriptions
  • E-billing
  • Invoicing
  • Receipting

Benefits to merchants include:

  • Worldwide web availability
  • Single source for customers
  • Convenience
  • Cost effective communication and product broadcasts
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • Hitch-free reconciliation
  • Customized billing system
  • Remittance beyond boundaries
  • Multi-bank, multi-card acceptance
  • Real-time collection updates

Our collection products include:

  • PayDirect
  • Pay4me
  • PayOutlet
  • UnionCollect
  • E-Fines
  • AutoReg
  • E-Pay


PayDirect is an electronic payment solution powered by Interswitch Nigeria Limited that facilitates payments and provides various parties with a view of processed transactions in an online real-time basis. PayDirect is designed for secure commercial transactions between an organization and its customers. PayDirect supports payments with cash, cheques (other bank/own bank) and internal transfers, and also allows easy collection of revenue for different merchants irrespective of their customers’ location and the bank where their accounts are domiciled. It also has the ability to generate different reports for every transaction made irrespective of the date/year for reconciliation purposes as well as instant electronic receipts for customers upon payment.


Union Bank’s Pay4me solution is a web-based merchant collection platform that hosts e-collections for government and private enterprises. It provides services such as collections for the Nigeria Immigration Service E-Passport application, Federal Road Safety Commission Driver’s License, Nigeria Navy, and Nigeria Air force recruitment. The platform also hosts an E-wallet for internet based payments. The platform enables payments at banks and through popular payment card brands such as VISA, MasterCard and Verve. In addition, Union Bank’s Pay4me is enabled for private merchant collections such as school fees, bills, and subscriptions.

Union PayOutlet

Union PayOutlet is a solution designed to enable collection of payments by merchants from their customers via eTranzact member banks. The solution makes it possible for the Merchants to take advantage of the eTranzact network and allows for consolidation of multiple bank accounts into a single account. With this facility, merchants can receive funds from their customers in any location, and have the fund value routed into bank accounts specified by them. In the context of the PayOutlet solution, the merchant can be a service firm, a sales outfit, or even a religious organization that has a wide network of branches throughout a city. The merchant can also be a government agency that needs to manage collection for public services.


Union Collect is an e-collection management platform that provides remittance solutions and customized corporate collections. The solution gives the corporate clients access to information on payments made by customers. It allows cash, cheque and bank draft payment lodgement.

Federal Road Safety Commission (eFINES)

The Federal Road Safety Commission (eFines) is designed to facilitate fines collection for the various offences committed on Nigerian roads. The system ensures that the commission’s database is up to date with the current information of offender’s data.


AutoReg is an automated vehicle licensing and renewal system in Nigeria. AutoReg is for all automobile owners who want to register or renew their vehicle licenses. This includes car owners, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, tricycles and all other heavy duty vehicles. The system generates and maintains records of all the vehicles registered which are updated regularly.


E-Pay is a government-specific online resource for revenue and taxation collections for state governments using the application software developed by Alpha-Beta Consulting Limited (ABC). Union Bank is one of the selected banks approved by State Governments to collect revenue through the Electronic Banking System of Revenue Cycle Management (EBS-RCM).

To enjoy the numerous benefits of UBN e-collections please apply to ebusinesssupport@ unionbankng.com or call 012716800 ext. 2868, 2600, or 2906