Why Work at UBN

Why work at Union Bank?
Employee Value Proposition

We position our employees to excel by providing training programmes that meet their learning needs.

Continuous Learning

  • We are constantly investing in employees’ development, providing opportunities to learn from others, hone skills and acquire new competences on the job. We position our employees to excel by providing training programmes that meet their learning needs.
  • Efforts to deepen our existing commitment to continuous learning include the launch of various knowledge sharing groups, early morning sessions (EMS) by units and branches, seven (7) new learning academies, 5-day exam leave for select courses, partnerships with professional bodies, etc.

Broad Career Opportunities

  • We provide opportunities for career growth and development. We encourage employees to challenge status quo and embrace mobility to build career depth and breadth
  • In line with this promise, we enable employees to take on vacant roles and rotate jobs within and outside their department. We continue to assess employee performance and potential objectively, mapping them to the next best roles, with adequate coaching and mentoring to help them build a great career in the Bank


  • We groom ethical leaders with a strong sense of responsibility and integrity. We create avenues for employees to take guided decisions, lead and influence others to achieve common objectives, irrespective of their job grade
  • Efforts to build a robust leadership pipeline include our succession planning as well as the volunteering and mentorship programmes under our Citizenship Sustainability and Innovation (CSI) initiative.


  • We reward employee ownership, creativity and innovation. We are relentless in the drive to maintain an environment which gives employees the freedom to own their work, generate ground-breaking ideas and collaborate with like-minded partners to disrupt status quo and transform our business operations, culture and productivity

Great Work Environment

  • We foster a work community that promotes diversity and thrives on mutual respect. We empower employees to engage openly and build lasting relationships with colleagues across board
  • We continue to demonstrate this commitment through various cross-functional and multi-dimensional initiatives
  • We further promote this with our open work spaces and culture of open communication and collaboration.  We relate with colleagues on a first name basis (or surname e.g. “John” or “Mr. Brown”)