Online Payment Gateway Service

Your customers can now make payments through your websites and social media platforms using debit/credit cards – Verve card, Mastercard & Visa card, as well as bank account numbers.


  • Allows payers select preferred payment option from a list of available card payment processors.
  • Provides on-screen payment success notifications.
  • Generates, displays and emails payment receipts with unique reference numbers, to payers’ e-mail address.
  • It provides Merchant reports with flexibility for searching, based on predefined product and category criteria.



  • Provides a log of all payments.
  • Increases sales and in turn profit for the merchant.
  • Real-time access to transaction information.
  • Minimal skill is required to integrate to Merchant website.
  • Secure mode of payment acceptable all over the world.
  • Provides reports useful for budgeting & planning purposes.