SME Digital Connect

Our range of digital platforms connect you with the latest financial technology to run your business efficiently.



Accounteer is an IT firm into cloud accounting platform for small businesses to empower business owners to be in control of their finances without requiring them to be financial wizards.


Smart solutions that provides an intuitive platform at discounted price to users on the following

  •  Invoicing
  • Expense tracker
  • Bank reconciliation 
  • Accounting for POS transaction 
  • Reporting-Balance sheet, P&L and VAT etc.

Riby Cooperative

Riby is a financial technology company that provides a simple and smart finance management platform for groups and their members.


A digital cooperative management tool that functions online and offline. This platform offers the following: 

  • Cooperative banking for savings, lending, purchases, investment and other joint activities for economic benefit to the cooperative/groups, members and partners at a discounted rate
  • Cooperatives and trade groups manage all their activities and financial transactions on the go at a discounted rate.
riby cooperative

Ralds & Agate

Ralds & Agate is a Business Management Consulting firm focused on providing People and Process related solutions, HR management services to businesses, communities and organizations within and outside Africa.


DIYlaw is Nigeria’s foremost legal technology company that create access to legal services and information, empowering entrepreneurs by providing access to simplified and quality legal services and information at affordable prices using technology, legal know-how and project management.


A solution that’s makes legal easy for SME business owners. Enjoy the following services at a discounted rate

  • Company Incorporation Only
  • Company Incorporation Bundled package
  • Business name registration only
  • Business name registration Bundled package
  • Non-Disclosure agreement
  • Employment agreement
diy law

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