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  • Why do I need a current account?

    You can transact on the go.
    Enjoy zero maintenance fee if you maintain a daily balance of N50,000
    Unlimited transactions.
    Allows cheque withdrawals & lodgements.

    [accordion-item title=”Types of current accounts

    [accordion-item title=”Currencies Available
    “]Available in NGN (Naira) , USD, GBP and EURO


    [accordion-item title=”How can I transact?
    “]Mobile/Online transfers
    In-branch or via ATM
    A charge of N1 for every N1,000 will apply on withdrawals

    Foreign Currency Transactions

    • Swift charge of 22USD, 15GBP & 18EUR for FX transfers
    • Transfer charge of 0.5% on amounts transferred
    • Withdrawal charge of 0.05%
    • You can transfer only $10,000 weekly (or its equivalent in pounds or euros).



  • What if I have another question?

    Call our contact centre on 01 2716816 or 07007007000. You can also send a mail to [email protected] We look forward to serving you.

  • Can I print my Statement of account?

    Yes. You can print your statement of account by clicking on ‘Export to Excel’ or ‘Export to PDF’ button. This downloads your statement of account in excel or PDF format which you can save or print.

  • How do I get my login details?

    When the completed enrolment form is processed, an automated message containing your initial/default login password (without the username which is known to you already) is sent to your registered mobile number. You will be asked to change the initial login password when you log in for the first time.You choose your own login name during registration.

  • Can I use the App while I am away from Lagos or while I’m abroad?

    YES, the App can be used wherever there is data connection. Please note that your network provider may charge you for fees associated with roaming while abroad.

  • What If I forget my PIN?

    Visit the nearest branch to get a new PIN.

  • What happens if I forget my password?

    Simply click on “forgot password” on the log in page. An e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

  • Why do I need to set up a new password?

    The login process for UnionMobile has been created to protect you from fraudulent activities. The password is necessary to avoid unauthorised access.

  • How do I change my PIN?

    After successfully logging into UnionMobile with your password,
    Click on the icon at the top left corner of the application page
    Click on Security
    Click on Change PIN
    Enter the old PIN (e.g. current PIN) and the New PIN
    Confirm new PIN, select the correct account type and click on subm

  • How do I get my PIN?

    For an existing user, it prompts you to continue with your previous PIN.
    For a new user using a java phone e.g. Blackberry bold/curve series and Nokia Asha series, it prompts you to send a short code (e.g. PM**********) as an SMS to 20220, you will receive a default PIN which you most change to complete activation.
    For a new user using, Android, Windows, iPhone and Blackberry (OS 10.0 and above), you will be prompted to create a 4 digit PIN during the registration process

  • What are the acceptable means of Identification?
    • International Passport;
    • Driver’s License;
    • National Id. Card;
    • INEC Registration Card or
    • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
    • Union Bank Staff ID (for staff)
  • Can a foreigner access these services, on the provision of a valid International Passport and evidence of legal entry into Nigeria?

    Yes, a foreigner can send or receive money on these platforms upon the presentation of valid International Passport and evidence of legal entry into Nigeria.

  • Can corporate organizations use this outbound service for paying subscriptions and fees abroad?

    No, outbound transactions are available to individual customers only.

  • Who is this service available to?


  • How often can I transfer funds?

    Funds can be transferred as frequent as possible until the daily limit is exhausted.

  • Can I schedule future transfers?

    Yes, you can schedule future transfers through the standing order menu.

  • How do I get my token during a transaction?

    Visit any of our branches to request for your token

  • What types of transactions can I perform on UnionOnline?

    Check your balance

    • Generation your bank statements

    • Perform own bank and third-party transfers

    • Perform international transfers

    • Review your transaction history

    • Pay your bills

    • Schedule standing orders

  • What are the requirements for sending a transfer?
    • Sender’s full name
    • Receiver’s full name
    • Test Question and
    • Valid non-expired government issued photo ID
    • Send Amount
    • A duly completed ‘send form’
    • Transfer Amount plus fee
  • Can a Teller process a remittance transaction?

    Yes, Tellers can process Remittance transactions.

  • Who determines the exchange rate and charges on transfers?

    The exchange rate and transaction charge are determined by the Money Transfer Organization and not the Bank.

  • What are the charges on outbound transfers?
  • What is the turnaround time for Remittance transaction processing?
  • What is the transaction limit per customer for Western Union and MoneyGram transfers?
  • In what currency are outbound transactions processed?
  • What is the Outbound Money Transfer service?
  • Are the three money transfer services available in a select number of branches?

    No, the 3 services are available at all Union Bank branches

  • Which Remittance Products are offered by Union Bank?

    MoneyGram, Western Union & Sigue

Union Mobile

  • Can I still use the UnionMobile App if I change my mobile device?

    Yes, you can. All you need to do is download the App from the store of the new mobile device, reinstall the App and register as a new user. While registering as a new user on the new device, you may change your password but this will not affect your PIN.

  • Can I use the UnionMobile App for Corporate accounts?

    No, UnionMobile is for your current and savings accounts only; if you would like to manage your corporate account on the go, please go to the Union Bank website to download the online banking (UnionOnline) enrolment form, send the duly filled and signed form to [email protected] for processing. You can also visit the nearest Union Bank branch to register for UnionOnline.

  • What is the transfer limit on my UnionMobile?

    The default transfer limit is N5, 000. To increase your limit visit a branch or call the contact centre on 0700 700 7000 or 012716816.

  • Can I use more than one account on my UnionMobile?

    Yes! You can
    Click on Banking Services
    Click on Account Management
    Click on Add Account
    Enter the secondary account number, account type and click submit
    You will then have to visit a branch to activate the secondary account details before use.

  • What will I do after I have successfully downloaded UnionMobile?

    Open the UnionMobile app, enter the necessary details in the required fields and click on “continue”
    You will receive a pop up message for a successful registration on UnionMobile.

  • How much will I pay to download or run the UnionMobile App on my phone?
  • How do I download UnionMobile?

    For Blackberry, Android, Windows and iPhone, search for UnionMobile in Blackberry World, Google Play Store, Window Store and Apple App Store respectively.
    For java phones such as Blackberry bold/curve series and Nokia Asha series, send an SMS with the word “D UNION” to 20220
    For feature phones, dial *389*032# and follow the prompt.

Union Online

  • What is the daily transfer limit for UnionOnline?

    Daily transfer limit is N250, 000. However, you can request for a limit increase but you will have to complete an indemnity form for this request to be granted.

  • When can I use UnionOnline?

    UnionOnline is available and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

  • Can I link a single token to all my accounts on the UnionOnline platform?

    Yes, a single token can be linked to all your accounts.

  • Can a token device work outside Nigeria?

    Yes, the token works anywhere in the world.

  • How do I get my token during a transaction?

    Visit any of our branches to request for your token

  • What is the cost of the Token?


  • What is a Token?

    A token could be a small physical device (hard token) or a mobile application (soft token) that enables you to authenticate your transactions on the UnionOnline platform. It also serves as another layer of security outside your password and security word. You can download the soft token from your app store by searching for UnionToken.

  • How safe is UnionOnline?

    UnionOnline is very secure. There are several level of security measures put in place to ensure that your banking transactions are done seamlessly. The security features include:
    • Unique username
    • Password
    • Security word
    • Token

  • What If I forget my UnionOnline password?

    • Visit the UnionOnline page.
    • Click on “forgot password”.
    • Enter username, account number and security word
    • Generate a new password with your token

  • How do I login to the UnionOnline platform?

    Visit the Union Bank website and click on internet banking at the top right corner of your screen to gain access to the page.

  • How do I register for UnionOnline?

    Below are the two ways to register for UnionOnline.
    1. Visit the Union Bank website, download and fill the UnionOnline enrolment form, email it to [email protected] for onward processing.
    2. Visit any Union Bank branch nearest to you and request for UnionOnline

  • What types of transactions can I perform on UnionOnline?

    Check your balance

    • Generation your bank statements

    • Perform own bank and third-party transfers

    • Perform international transfers

    • Review your transaction history

    • Pay your bills

    • Schedule standing orders