mCASH- USSD Merchant Payment is an online real-time mobile payment solution. You can pay or receive payments using mCASH from your mobile phone.

Customer dials:
*826*Merchant code*Amount# (For Union Bank Customers)
*402* Merchant code*Amount# (For Non-Union Bank customers)


  • Instant settlement

  • Cheaper than POS and other e-payment services

  • Make payment without internet access

  • Make payment without internet access

Are transactions on mCASH instant?

Yes, the Payer is debited instantly and the Seller receives instant payment.

How will the Payer and Seller know when a transaction is successful?

The Payer and Seller will both receive SMS messages showing the status of the transaction.

What type of mobile device can I use?

Any type of mobile phone or tablet can be used.

Can I make payment using any mobile network?

Yes. mCASH available across all mobile networks.

What is the transaction limit for mCASH?

The transaction limit is N50,000.00

Can non-Union Bank Account holders make payment to our merchants using mCash?

Yes, they can by dialing *402*Merchant code*Amount#

What do I do when a seller refuses to release goods after I have received a debit alert?

 Report to your bank and you will be refunded within 24 hours.

What is a Seller/Merchant Code?

A Seller/merchant Code is an 8-digit number assigned by Bank to a seller registered on mCash as his/her unique identifier.

As a Seller, how much am I charged for transactions done with mCash?

You pay N50 for transactions above N10,000.

As a Payer, how much am I charged for transactions done with mCash?

You pay N20 for every transaction done with mCash.

Please call 07007007000 or send an email to [email protected] for more information. You can also visit any of our branches.