Save small, earn high returns, and win big with a UnionKorrect account.

  • Monthly instalment of N5,000 for 4 years
  • Interest rate is 4.2% per annum
  • 300 customers will win cash!
  • 1 customer will win N1million
  • 4 customers will win N500,000
  • 20 customers will win N100,000

Become a millionaire with a UnionGoal account. Just save as little as N15,000 monthly

Tenor Amount Rates
5 years N15,000 7.0%
4 years N20,000 6.5%
3 years N28,000 5.5%
2 years N40,000 5.0%
1 years N85,000 4.6%

Why predict the future when you can create it? Retire easy with a UnionFuture account.

Save a minimum of N2,000 monthly


Tenor Rate
2 – 5 years 6% p.a.
6 – 10years 7% p.a.
> 10years 8% p.a.

What social cause is dear to your heart?
Help others in need and earn higher interest rates when you open a UnionBetta account.

Earn 7% interest when you start saving with as little as N5,000. To make things even betta, Union Bank will make a donation to a charitable cause on your behalf.