Did you see your favorite athletes do the Shoki before the long jump event or Divine do a dance move you came up with when you never “h’experredit?”

Even if you weren’t at the #RioOlympics2016, you certainly didn’t miss out on the opportunity to engage with the elite athletes who represented Nigeria over there.

Union Bank was proud of Team Nigeria and didn’t hesitate to support them from start to finish at the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.  Here’s why we created a platform for Nigerians, young and old, to show their support for Team Union.

We had members of the public participate in a social media campaign named #TeamUnionSalute and got fans creating impressions of the salutes they’d love to see TeamUnion athletes re-enact at the games. Entries were shared on Twitter @UnionBank_NG, Facebook @UnionBankNG and Instagram @UnionBankNG with the hashtag #TeamUnionSalute which went viral in the duration of the games. The public followed, liked and tagged us in their social media posts. 3 winners were selected daily and rewarded with Bluetooth Speakers, Union Bank Rio T-shirts, keyrings and pens.

People got special acknowledgements from the team in Rio and saw Team Union athletes on the big screen reenacting their various salutes during their sport events at the games. So what are you waiting for? Keep supporting Team Union in their various sports teams. Get involved and get your friends to tag along too.