Union Bank Celebrates YOU as Nigeria turns 60!

Union Bank Celebrates YOU as Nigeria turns 60!
October 1, 2020 Toyin Akindele

As Nigeria marks her 60th Independence Anniversary today, there are common questions on the lips of millions of Nigerians at home and abroad – “What do we have to celebrate?”, “’ What do we have to be proud of, after 60 years of independence from colonial rule?”

It is undeniable – the frustrations are enormous, the disappointments, heart wrenching. To make matters worse, the impact of the global Covid-19 outbreak seems to have upset Nigeria’s delicate progress, setting us back significantly.

However, despite the obvious hindrances, there’s one thing that is equally as obvious and just as undeniable – the resilient, unrelenting, entrepreneurial spirit that is associated with the typical Nigerian. Some call it “the hustling spirit”.

And so today, as Nigeria marks this milestone, we at Union Bank choose to celebrate YOU. We celebrate our customers, employees, and all Nigerians, who, despite all the frustrations and limitations, get up each day and continue to give their best; to push and believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

As we salute you today, we also encourage you to contribute your quota in building a better Nigeria for ourselves and generations to come. Let’s continue to do our part and #TogetherWeRise.

This season, we’re also giving you the opportunity to celebrate that friend or family member who never gives up, no matter the obstacles. Visit celebratenigerians.com, insert their details, and we will celebrate them on our ‘Nigeria Wall of Fame’.

Also, as part of our month-long celebrations, Union Bank customers can look forward to an exciting line up of cashback rewards and other offers. Follow Union Bank on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more details on the Independence Campaign.

Happy Independence Day, Nigerians! We celebrate YOU!


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