Citizenship, Sustainability & Innovation

Citizenship, Sustainability and Innovation (CSI) are central to Union Bank’s core business and our commitment to the triple bottom line of responsible financial, environmental and socio-economic development. We continue to drive lasting change through CSI to impact areas of strategic importance to Nigeria’s development.


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Our approach to citizenship involves creating an enabling work environment for employees to thrive while implementing programs that directly impact our communities.

Through our initiatives, we significantly contribute towards several Global Goals including: Good Health & Well-Being, Poverty and Hunger, Education, Gender Equality and Economic Growth, Reduced Inequalities, Sustainable Cities and Life on Land.


Sustainability is core to our business strategy. We adopt environmentally friendly business practices in our operations, participate actively in industry initiatives, and support women empowerment while consistently improving transparency and accountability across all levels and core functions.

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Our approach to innovation is focused on embedding a culture that encourages and rewards innovation and creativity within our teams and championing the development of innovative digital solutions to solve social challenges.

Partnerships and Initiatives