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Elite Meaning

We all need friends – someone to count on, to support our dreams and to give good advice when times are hard.

Real service means an Elite Associate, just for you

We all need friends – someone to count on, to support our dreams and to give good advice when times are hard. With Elite Banking, you’ll have a dedicated Elite Associate to support you in business and in life.Your Associate will recommend products and services to help you achieve your financial goals. Whether you need to save for a project, plan your retirement or borrow to grow your business, your Associate will be there to help and advise you.

You will find a free Priority Pass card in your Elite pack if you had previously requested one.

This card gives you, and up to 3 guests, access to over 850 airport VIP lounges in more than 120 countries and 400 cities worldwide at a fee of $32 only per person. Your Priority Pass is valid for three years and fees are charged seamlessly to your Union Bank account. For more details, kindly visit to request a Priority Pass, please contact your Elite Associate.

Customer care
If you ever need us, we’re here 24/7. And as an Elite customer, you’ll get priority service with UnionCare; our fully automated Customer Service center.
Contact us via email at [email protected] or give us a call on +234 (0) 700 700 7000 or +234 (1) 271 6816.
Zero Maintenance Fee Accounts
Enjoy zero maintenance fees on your accounts and other benefits that enable you bank without limits.

Interest Rate
We give you an edge with enhanced interest rates to help you reach your financial goals easier and faster.
Pre-qualified Loans
Because we know you and understand your needs, we can provide loans to you quickly and at preferential rates.

Benefits & Discounts
We’ve gone ahead to do all the haggling for you so you can get pre-negotiated discounts at your preferred retailers across the country for your list of exclusive discounts.