Entry Level Jobs: What to Look Out For

Entry Level Jobs: What to Look Out For
March 25, 2019 Parklins


Searching for jobs as a fresh graduate can sometimes be overwhelming and discouraging. Whether you have already graduated, or you are in your last year in University, you’re likely to have some questions as you begin your job search. Here are some tips to help you.

    1. Research your new career: Study industry trends, search online for trending jobs and the requirements needed for new hires. Research for best companies to work for according to industry standards. Network and connect with people who can inform you of suitable openings as they come up. You can also attend job fairs and regularly check job websites for new positions.
    2. The culture/working environment: The working environment goes a long way to determine how well you’d do in few months from the time you resume. You should be on the lookout for a good office culture that promotes team work. Go online and check for reviews on the culture of the companies you want to work in.
    3. Look at your social footprint: As you start job hunting, make sure your social media accounts are a bit more professional. Employers are increasingly using social media sites as tools for recruitment. What you post and how you behave on social media can create a first impression about you. Make sure your profile photos are “sensible’’ looking. Let your social footprint fit into a professional environment.
    4. Building experiences: Most people believe it’s the size of the paycheck that matters most about a job. This of course matters because that is payment for your skills and services. But when starting in a career or changing careers, you don’t have so much experience and you need an avenue to gain meaningful experience, don’t chase the money just yet. Be humble, learn as much as you can. Chase experience in the beginning and let money chase you for what you’ve gained in experience!
    5. Security of the location: Location also matters and so before you sign the offer letter, you need to research and make sure your workplace is in a safe environment. After all you need to be alive to work!

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