10 Things to Do During the Lockdown Period

10 Things to Do During the Lockdown Period
April 3, 2020 Toyin Akindele
10 Things to do During a Lockdown

Wondering what to do with all the free time that has suddenly landed in your lap? Here are 10 ways we can keep ourselves occupied during the lockdown:


  1. CHILL: First things first, and above all else, just chill out! Relax! Get some rest! Do absolutely nothing. Covid-19 may have put a dent in our lifestyle, finances, travel plans etc, but it’s also bought us unprecedented, guilt-free (lock)down time and we shouldn’t feel pressured to fill our days with activities.  So, catch up on sleep, video call your friends, binge on your favourite shows, take an afternoon nap…  in other words, do whatever you want with your lockdown time and be unapologetic about it. Now, once you’re done chilling, and if, and only if, you truly feel like you want to add some structured activities to your schedule, then please proceed to do some or all of the following:
  2. Create a Routine: Some of us may have a plan, but do we have a daily routine? The day could easily spiral out of control and next thing you know its 3:00 pm and you haven’t showered. Set a detailed daily plan of activities ranging from chores, exercise, work, mealtimes and side projects.
  3. Start a Project: Been meaning to update your CV, start a blog, spring clean your home, or organise your wardrobe? Now is a great time to do those things you haven’t had the bandwidth to do during your regular life.
  4. Explore your Bucket List: Take advantage of the opportunity to explore locations on your travel bucket list. A lot of tourist attractions are offering free virtual tours of their facilities and discounted packages to drive consumer engagement.
  5. Personal Development: Explore new territories in your personal and professional life and do a deep dive into those areas you’ve been meaning to master through online learning. Take advantage of free online courses from Harvard, Coursera and more.
  6. Jumpstart your Wellness Goals: What better time to focus on your overall wellness! Regain control of your personal health by adopting positive lifestyle habits you can continue when you resume work.
  7. Declutter: Take a few minutes every day to clean out your emails, decongest your phone and tidy up your social media accounts. There’s a lovely feeling of achievement when you achieve these small, but important milestones.
  8. Create an Action Plan: This is a great time to strategise and create an action plan for the life we want which can be a bit challenging while navigating the demands of our day-to-day lives. To learn more, click here.
  9. Reconnect: Take a break from the social media updates and catch up with friends and family you haven’t spoken to in a while. Schedule a virtual group chat with friends and family, especially the elderly and those with underlying health conditions who are most at risk.
    1. Start a 14-Day Challenge: Researchers say it takes 21 to 28 days for the brain to adopt new habits. So, join a challenge or start one of your own. From fitness challenges to writing a book, use this lockdown time to start something new. To learn more, click here.


Find these tips useful? Please share the milestones you would like to achieve during the lockdown.



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