Homeschooling Kids in the Age of Social Distancing

Homeschooling Kids in the Age of Social Distancing
April 6, 2020 Toyin Akindele
Home Schooling

With schools across the country closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, homeschooling has become a reality for many parents who may themselves be working from home as well. So, how do you manage your kids, your deliverables, your household and not lose your sanity in the process? Here are a few tips to help you get through each day:


  1. Create a Schedule: Have your kids wake up and get ready as they would a normal school day and mimic their school timetable as best as you can. Set times for exercise, snacks in-between their regular subjects to keep them engaged. Whatever you do, don’t let them study in their pyjamas.
  2. Limit Distractions: They don’t watch TV at school, so the same rules should apply at home during this time. Hide the remotes and change the passwords to gaming devices if need be during key learning times.
  3. Stay Connected: It’s tough for kids to be away from their friends, so create time for them to interact with their friends through video chats and phone calls.
  4. Get Creative: Outside of their schoolwork, it’s a great opportunity to bond over simple activities like cooking, art etc.
  5. Go Online: There are several free online learning resources and P.E classes available now to keep kids happy and engaged. In addition to free virtual learning, we can also make use of board games and audiobooks to support learning during this time. For more online learning resources, please click here.


Ultimately, our focus should be on learning, not just teaching. On the bright side, this is an opportunity for us to impact our kids with the discipline needed to succeed in the digital age.


Are you homeschooling? Please share your tips on how you are keeping your kids engaged during this time.



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