Union Bank launch UnionKorrect at Ojuelegba Branch with pomp and fanfare

Union Bank launch UnionKorrect at Ojuelegba Branch with pomp and fanfare
March 13, 2017 Parklins

Tuesday, the 28th of February would remain an indelible day in the memories of some 25 Union Bank PLC customers for a long time to come. That was the day UnionKorrect Savings Account, one of the bank’s Savings products, launched at the Ojuelegba branch of the bank with pomp and fanfare.

On that fateful morning, which doubled as the quarterly draw of UnionKorrect cash prize winners, Union Bank rewarded 25 of its loyal customers for towing the path of savings and choosing to do it the UnionKorrect way. When Union Bank promised faithful customers a cash prize of N60 million for opening UnionKorrect Accounts every quarter when the product launched, they’ve every intention of redeeming that promise. And redeem it they did at the Ojuelegba UnionKorrect launch.

Speaking on the Savings product, Head of Retail Products, Mr. Famous Imiemohon, revealed how the bank created a financial product that encourages customers to save with regular consistency, and with whatever little they could afford. With a lot of the Nigerian banking population feeling left out of the savings circle feel, they need an account to save whatever they could afford in a recession, and the simpler, smarter bank, feeling their sentiments created just right the product to meet that urgent need. With UnionKorrect, customers are assured their savings, no matter how little, could count for something and can achieve big things.

To demonstrate how saving little could achieve big things, Union Bank added another dimension to operating UnionKorrect by introducing the ‘Destination Russia’ angle. Through ‘Destination Russia’ promo, UnionKorrect customers willing to save N10,000 monthly for the next 15 months, stand the chance of being among 5 lucky people who would be winning Return Tickets to the World’s biggest football fiesta, Russia2018. These lucky 5 could be watching the Super Eagles slug it out with 31 other teams in the biggest Football tournament come June 2018.


To strike the right cord on ‘Destination Russia’ with the Ojuelegba crowd, Union Bank had a special guest star appearance in the person of former Super Eagles and Nigeria’s longest serving goalie, Peter “Dodo Mayana” Rufai. The 2-decade veteran keeper, himself a Union Bank customer since 1983, reinforced the fact that customers who maintain UnionKorrect accounts could be part of Russia2018 if they desire it. All it takes them, Rufai emphasized, was saving small, regularly, with N10,000 every month for the next 15 months, with the simpler, smarter bank.

The highlight of the occasion, however, was the selection of the 25 winners of the UnionKorrect cash prizes. 24 customers emerged winners of various amounts between N100,000 and N250,000, with the grand prize winner selected via a lottery process, witnessed and verified by the National and Lagos State Lottery officials. The UnionKorrect millionaire would be emerging in next quarter’s draw where customers who have saved small, dreamed big can win big from the stables of the simpler, smarter bank.


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