Union Bank Customers Win N40 Million in the UnionKorrect Draw!

Union Bank Customers Win N40 Million in the UnionKorrect Draw!
June 25, 2020 Toyin Akindele

Union Bank has once again delivered on its promise to reward customers who save diligently with the UnionKorrect range of accounts.

A total of 345 Union Bank customers were awarded cash prizes totaling N40million in a transparent, automated online draw which held on Wednesday, June 24, duly supervised by the Nigerian Lottery Board and the Consumer Protection Council (CPC).

The UnionKorrect savings product, introduced in November 2015, is a sub-account that allows holders earn competitive interest rates while saving a fixed amount of money monthly for a two-year period. Customers who consistently save in these accounts are automatically eligible for the regular draws where they stand the chance to win cash rewards.

During the recent draw, 80 customers were awarded N100,000 each; 16 customers, N500,000 each and 4 customers won the grand prize of N1million each in the UnionKorrect Regular category. In the UnionKorrect Exclusive category, 15 customers won N500,000 each, four customers won N1million each and one customer won the grand prize of N3million. Finally, the Bank also rewarded 200 customers with N10,000 each, 24 customers with N20,000 each and the grand prize of N100,000 was won by one customer for saving in their UnionKorrect DeiDei accounts.

Speaking concerning the draw, the Head of Retail Deposits at Union Bank, John Obichie, said:

Union Bank is pleased to support our customers’ ambitions and enable their success through initiatives like this. Our UnionKorrect accounts were introduced in response to the need to work with our customers towards achieving their future goals, and to reward them for being consistent with their saving habits.”


Since 2015 when the UnionKorrect accounts were launched, almost N380million has been won by 2,080 Union Bank customers in several draws held across the country.

The UnionKorrect draws highlight Union Bank’s commitment to actively supporting its customers and enabling their success.  Customers can continue to save in their UnionKorrect accounts as more winners will continue to emerge in the UnionKorrect draws.

Click here to watch the live draw.

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